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We are committed to uniqueness.

Our philosophy

Be Smart. Smile.

We live in a world of competition, out ruling, money, lack of time, and stress. This is why our company works under the strong conviction of loving what we do. We believe a simple smile can change the world, and adding up professionalism, long-lasting experience, and an incredibly talented team, real work can be done.

The best results of teamwork come after understanding a simple yet powerful tool,
A smile.

Our History

Through integrated services, we seek to combine efforts, optimize resources, support all steps of the creative process, and above all, generate content for all platforms at a very high level of quality. We understand that the industry, the audience and the way we all live,have changed drastically in the last 10 years.

This is why we have decided to lead a revolution working for a better industry that should be increasingly demanding with it's ideas and creativity.

Budgets are losing value all along the production steps and usually the real money is not invested in a "production value" as such, but on over-rated costs, fees and commissions that gradually leave the products with it's quality committed.

We stand with deep commitment to be part of the "new advertising" , understanding that the media has evolved, the way to communicate is very differentand that costs should not be a problem as long as communication, outreach and scopes are clear.

We support projects that makes the best of every penny without underestimating the technical realization and with full respect towards the quality of ideas above all.

The future is to take ideas to the next level, and Diptongo will find the most authentic way to work your ideas and ours with the same love and professionalism which we have had for the last 10 years.